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What Cases You've Met In Your Data Recovery Labs
Hello friends,

I want to open this topic to discuss what kind of hdd repair and data recovery cases you have met in your data recovery labs and we can even discuss the possible failure causes and solutions.

I think this can help all our users to have one clear idea of hdd repair and data recovery.

First, let me share our experience with the following cases:

1, the hard drive keeps busy but not clicking, usually caused by firmware including rom failure;
2, the hard drive keeps busy and clicking, caused by head failure or platter scratches;
3, the hard drive keeps busy and not spining at all, caused by stuck motor/motor damage or PCB failure/PCB burnt;
4, the hard drive gets ready but ID couldn’t be detected/read, caused by firmware failure;
5, the hard drive gets ready and detected without MBR, DBR or other key file system damage, users can list the partitions and files directly and recover them to a wanted place;
6, the hard drive gets ready and detected with MBR, DBR or other key file ststem damage, users cannot list the partitions and files, can only image the hdd and uses a third-party software or use raw recovery to extract the files;
7, the hard drive gets ready and detected, no firmware and no other faults but has a lot of bad sectors, users can only image the hdd properly and then extract the data from the target drives.

Looking forward to more ideas and sharing...

This forum belongs to all of us.

Best regards
Dolphin's team
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Thank you very much, Stanley for your great topic!
You're always very helpful to us.

Sometimes, experience is more important because for some hard drives, they have been at the risk of dying, if you operate on it further or do repeatedly on some unnecessary things, you may destroy the data.

So I think this discussion can be very interesting.

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