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New version of DFL-URE is available:
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Video: Another case of Hitachi was fixed by DFL-DDP with simple clicks and the data is recovered perfectly
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Latest version of DFL-DDP V1.43:
Latest version of DFL-DE V1.81:
WD Firmware Loaders Are Being Shared:
Head Swap Technic For Keeping Head Safe Shared by Jignesh from Smart Computech:
How to recover lost data from USB hard drives and how to fix the encryption issue of WD mypassport drives by William Simon from AGDI France:
How To Recover Data From Undetected WD10TMVW USB3.0 Drives
(08-06-2014, 01:59 AM)Stanley.Morgan Wrote: Head Swap Technic For Keeping Head Safe Shared by Jignesh from Smart Computech:
Stanley, I believe the correct link is:
How To Recover Data From Latest Undetected 1961 WD20NMVW USB3.0 Hard Drives:
Dolphin Data Lab is sharing one great video on the online data recovery training of how to have one clear data recovery mind:
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please , can not open link
Hello Friend, have updated the link, sorry.
rst 0x08M

No host-Fis ReadyStatusFlag 2002A1A5

When users press Ctrl + Z, the terminal gives the following ASCII Diag Mode and go to F3 T>

When users try to clean smart F3 1> N1, users get
Smart Init Fail
And after some time, the terminal outputs:
LED: FAddr 000000CC: 0024E4A3

Find out the solution offered by Luiz Brito from PCdiag here:
Dolphin team

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