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What Users Can Get From User-only Forum
Terrific! Thanks, Stanley!
hello stanley

thank you very much for always thinking about users.
Within the FTP resources, we added 2017-videos for each product and users can login and see what videos we have uploaded there. We will keep adding new videos so all users can use our tools better and better.
Excellent! Thanks, Stanley and DFL Team!
Thanks very much DFL team
Hello Friends, Emily PMed the new programs to you, thank you for testing.
It's working okay for me with a Samsung ST1500LM006 (6 heads).  One problem I notice, is that the heading information in DDP is not scaled properly, so it cuts off the capacity in GB figure, as shown below.


Another is that it reports that it is imaging always from head 2, even though 65.0 GB (69,846,171,648 bytes) have been imaged so far.  If I disable imaging from head 2 and press Start, it says "looking ahead" followed quickly by indicating that it is imaging using head 4. However, it does nothing.  Stop task doesn't stop the task--I have to power off DDP.

I just tried it with a WD My Passport USB drive and it would not prepare the map for selective head imaging, but it didn't crash DDP.  It must be a problem with the drive because I then tried it with a WD SATA disk mounted in a USB drive dock and it did selective head imaging normally.  Disabled all but head 1 and it progressed, skipping heads 0 and 2, just imaging using head 1, as configured.

Another thing I just noticed, version  1.666 does not work in Windows 10 whereas 1.665 did (except that the data transfer rate map was not displayed, so I had no idea of progress or speed***).  With 1.666, the program looks like it is going to run (Windows asks if you want to allow it to run or not) but no GUI displays and there is no DDP task in Task Manager **.  (The same happens with the latest beta version of DFL-SS.)  

1. ** I just discovered it did the same thing with Win7 x86.
2. *** I just discovered that the transfer speed/progress map only works with block size of 128 bytes on my Win 7 x86 PC running DDP 1.665.

I think this feedback should be moved to the DDP Trouble-shooting and Tips forum, under a new topic for "DDP 1.666 Testing"
Please send me the PM to test this new version
How to recover lost data from Seagate enterprise SED hard drives:
Dolphin team
How to recover data from WD Enterprise SED hard drives:
Dolphin team
How to get high success rate for Seagate F3 head swap:
(04-28-2018, 01:15 PM)Stanley.Morgan Wrote: How to get high success rate for Seagate F3 head swap:

Hello Stanley.

I do not have permission to open the link, can you solve that problem please?
More seagate SA and COM terminal locked hard drives are supproted here:
More and more new case studies on how to use DFL data recovery tools to fix different damaged hdd cases, users can view details in this forum or see general info here:

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