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A tragic story
Many of you may know Xronis from T3 Recovery in Greece but you might not know the tragic accident that changed his daughter life 2 years ago. This left her in a wheelchair with no hope to ever walk again. Here is the story of what has happened: Please everyone if you know Xronis or not go and read this story. He is one of us. He has been in DR for a long time and is a great person to know. I ask everyone here on this forum to read this story, like this story, and share it with others on your FB page. Spread the word of what has happened so this will not happen to other children. Right now Xronis is working 18 hours to 20 hours a day to try and earn enough money to take his daughter to another country to help her. He needs our wishes and thoughts to be with him. I know he has no help from the medical company there in Greece any longer. They consider this case closed and now it is up to Xronis to find all the funds necessary to help his daughter. Please do your part by liking this post and also sharing it on FB. Thank you and keep Xronis in your thoughts.
Yeap, this is very tragic. I wish all the best to them.
I believe that each of us could donate something to Xronis by Paypal, we all know the difficulties of the people of Greece, we can all help give the opportunity to visit a new doctor Rafaela and maybe have a normal life.
SKYPE: pcdiag
I agree with pcdiag
Yes, each of us can do our best, we can spread the word or do some donation and at the same time I wish all of us can take care of ourselves and our loved ones and have a happy life.

I will also post this story to my facebook, twitter and blogs....when Xronis and his daughter receive more blessing and more support, there may be one miracle!

Is there any paypal account of him?
Let's ask him to put your Paypal account for donations
SKYPE: pcdiag
very sad story and very scary thinking that my little boys jump around the trampoline every day in the back yard :-(

It will be good to have his paypal account for donations
I will ask him if this one is OK and then post this here on the forum. Thank you each and every one. Please just help to spread the word and if you can post this on all social Networks accounts this one will be great. So far I have 47 people who have helped to spread the word and share this one on their FB account. Thank you everyone
Xronis sent me a paypal account which has been setup to take donations. If anyone is interested this is the paypal ID for this. Thank you so much for your kind words and asking for this.
OK everyone I have been working hard for Xronis and Rafaela. I know that not everyone has extra funds to send to Xronis to help Rafaela. So I did something better. I work for a company called GoodBlogs and they have several sites on the Internet that pay people to blog. I can not write for all their sites because I work for them. This is a long story.

I have asked 2 very close friends to blog on three different sites. Each time they post on these sites and are voted to the top they donate this money to Rafaela. If you can not help give money then please give your votes. It is very easy to do. Please follow my instructions:

This person was removed will need to get the other blogger name for this site. Please wait for me to supply this one: becasue their paypal was for a business and not personal. Julie Sinclair said she will take over this stie as well as the other one. She has not posted yet on there but when she does I will let you know.

Create an account.
Verify your email address when they send you an email. Once your account is verified look for this entry. The blogger name is Julie Sinclair You will need to click on JulieSinclair name. This will bring up the profile for Julie Sinclair. Now you will follow Julie Sinclair Each time Julie Sinclair posts on this account you will receive an email. Please wait I will supply link Julie Sinclair has not posted yet on this site.

Warning if you do not modify your account under my account you will receive a lot of emails each day from them. You need to click on no I do not want to be notified of who is top post and also no I do not want to be notified if someone makes a comment on my post.

Last there is a vote box next to the post that Julie Sinclair created. You will need to click on vote. So now next time Julie Sinclair posts on this site you will receive an email. Just follow the link and vote on this account. It is that simple.

Next site: will send you updated information on this site. Please wait on this one. The blogger on this site was removed for a company pay pal account. Julie Sinclair will take over this site too. She has not posted on here as of yet I will give information when she does.

For now the one person to follow is here on this site only. The other two people do not have much time right now to help and I think that J
ulie Sinclair will move to the other two sites and try and fill in for them. Please wait I will let you know when this one happens.

I was just notified by a thrid friend who accepted to do this one too. She is on The Flaming Vegan. Here is her details: This blogger is Julie Sinclair.

Remember each time they are paid for what they write the money goes to Rafaela. You can do your part in signing up for these accounts and voting for what they write. They spend their time to do this for Rafaela all it will take is a little bit of your time. Just remember to vote on each account when you receive your email.

Thank you so much. I hope to see these people earn some good money for Rafaela. I know with all of your help here this one can happen.

Julie Sinclair was awarded home page today but has not been paid as of yet. She earned 15 dollars for this work and will send it off to the account of Xronis when it arrives there for her.

Today I have some good news. I have one person who has sent in a donation to Xronis for his daughter. I now have a second person Stanley Morgan right here on this forum who has given a donation for Xronis daughter. Julie Sinclair is blogging for Xoris daughter.

All I ask of everyone here on the forum is to help Julie Sinclair raise money for Rafaela. Please go to the Flaming Vegan and create an account and follow Julie Sinclair. Vote for her and help her to reach home page so she can earn money for Rafaela. That is all I am asking. I think each one of you can do this.

Thanks so much for all of your support.
Yes, all friends in data recovery field are in a big family and I did my best to help spreading the word and donating to Xronis and I hope something good will happen on them soon.
I have donated a few €. Not much, but is what I can for now.
I hope that a few each one can make a big difference.
Hey guys go to The Flaming Vegan create an account and follow Julie Sinclair. She is blogging to raise funds too. All you need to do is vote for her and follow her. She will do the rest. All the funds she raises go to this cause. She will soon be on two other sites. Please do this.

If you can not afford to send money at least vote for her and she will do the work and send it for all of you.

Thanks Please do this can asked too many times. It is not hard. I have done this and follow her and vote for her. I know Stanley Morgan has done this and is voting for her. Why not the rest of you.

(03-28-2013, 08:18 PM)pclab Wrote: I have donated a few €. Not much, but is what I can for now.
I hope that a few each one can make a big difference.

This is so sweet of you thank you so much. We can raise more money by helping Julie too. If you can follow Julie and vote for her.

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