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Jignesh gives the best tech. support in India
Today with help of Jignesh we managed to solve a difficult case (WD desktop hdd - WD10PURX) problem 0 cap issue slow detection and modules corrupt SA bad etc.
According to Jignesh it had multiple issues and it took more than half an hour on tv to solve the case.
he manage to find the backup fw required from his library and solved the case.
kudos to Jignesh for support and encouragement Smile
today mr.jingnesh solved my two cases 1) wd20nmvw 2)wd10jmvw...... thank you very much...
Yes, most definitely Very Good Advice,

Many Thanks
Boring Thread ,
Simple Reason ,If DFL Wants To Glorify One Individual Its Fine But If It Needs To Evaluate Performance Of a Individual Dealer In a Country Its Important To Have Multiple Dealers In That Country And Then Figure Out which one is best out of them .When a Country has just one dealer obviously he is the best .

PS : Is There a Way i can get rid of this thread updates when i login ,If Anyone Can Tell Me That i would be so oblidged
Amarbir S Dhillon ,CDR-Labs [ Chandigarh ,India ]
Visit - > My Facebook - >  Youtube - >

The above post is not related to the best dealer of India.Jignesh has read his manuals very well.I appreciate this. The solutions are posted so well by Dolphin and By Sir, and by Liam at various places on the net and their site.I feel it is because we are not reading the manuals and not practicing on bad drives that we are never quoted as the best.Because we are lazy we ask for a shortcut.There are limitations to understanding too.Jignesh has helped the company to sell many DFL products,and he has helped many for free.Finally i would write, every one is intelligent enough to understand  the manuals and we must seek for the best of the best  knowledge and Tools.We too can then be Best of the Best.
Dr. Arora M P Singh.
               MD (Anesthesiology)
                 Data recovery Consultant Mumbai,India.
                     Reseller /Repairing/ Buying and selling data recovery tools
This thread is an acknowledgement of Jignesh's excellent support to DFL users who bought their equipment through him. It may also include recognition of his helpfulness to fellow DFL users who didn't buy through him, as a way of saying "Thanks!".

Other DFL users in the same geographic area might see the public posts as being an unfair benefit to a competitor. Because they are not DFL Dealers, they don't have the opportunity to provide support to their DFL customers--they don't have any. Therefore, they have no way to be publicly recognized by DFL for excellent service to data recovery customers.

Perhaps the topic title should read "Jignesh gives outstanding DFL-user support in India." That won't necessarily end the jealousy and resentment over such posts, but it might be fairer. If anyone finds the posts aggravating, bite your lip and avert your eyes. Smile
Dolphin team
seagate 320gb hdd not detecting... solved by mr jignesh yesterday... thanks Heart
Jignesh helped me to get data out of a difficult external 1 tb hard disk.

Thanks Jignesh.
Dr. Arora M P Singh.
               MD (Anesthesiology)
                 Data recovery Consultant Mumbai,India.
                     Reseller /Repairing/ Buying and selling data recovery tools
wd10jmvw-11ajs0 continus bad secter read solve the case mr jignesh
:angel:jignesh sir given good techniques and good suggestions so my work is going easily.
Saldação friends, I'm posting testimony, for all times needed help (Master Jignesh) always was available, and again can help me,
WD aplle tahoe 2D, mangled ROM, he decided, thank it.
Success Master Jignesh
Today Mr.Jignesh helped us to recover data from a 4 TB WD hard disk model- WD40PURX which had multiple firmware issues.
Thanks to Jignesh for his excellent remote support Smile Smile .
Jignesh helped us with a difficult case (several issues). He takes the time to reach a solution. Thanks for the support Jignesh.
Jignesh helped me in a very critical time. few days back the Chief Justice of Chennai high court call me and told that her hdd has crashed and the data's are critical and classified. Even though i have recovered major data some important file on her desktop could not be retrieved. and immediately Mr.Jignesh came to help me online and helped me retrieve the data and some important files. Thanks for your support Jignesh. In Dolphin lab i found very friendly family atmosphere which is most appreciated.

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