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Jignesh gives the best tech. support in India
With the help of Jignesh, another user has its case resolved, thanks to Jignesh who is always willing to give real help to all users.
Dolphin team
Mahbub Hossain Shahi
Data Recovery Station - Only Full Facility Data Recovery In Bangladesh
Dhaka, Bangladesh
+88 01758377110
Always +1 for Jignesh
Dejan Kraljevski,
Sistrum Data Recovery
what problem fixed....?
Many thanks & My best Regards

It's always nice to be appreciate by our customers--even more so if they are willing to leave a testimonial. Good job, Jignesh.
Mr Jignesh you are best trainer for me and I new for this filed but clear all the issues in step by step and you are such a great work for all new trainee's. Thx lot for lighting in my work.
very good & cong
wd5000BPVT- [ not detecte ] Mr.Jignesh solve the case & explain the problem [ Rom module read problem ]
Good support very case
feels goods to work with him
In today's world "Nothing comes free!". But Jignesh sir has proved it wrong. He is a pro, friend, quickest fault finder, and a guide for free.
What i am today is Just because of Jignesh sir.

Thanks a ton TO "Jigi Bhai" ( Jignesh ) and Dolphin.

A very best regards

S P Singh
JIgi Bhai always ready to help pplz  And He helped me with lots of case !!!! Jigi Bhai U R Best Guru
(11-26-2015, 11:40 PM)Mikeee Wrote: JIgi Bhai always ready to help pplz  And He helped me with lots of case !!!! Jigi Bhai U R Best Guru

Hello Everyone,
        People say NOTHING COMES FOR FREE  keeping this I offered fee to Mr. Jignesh , But the polite answer from Mr. Jignesh was     
                    My services for dolphin users are absolutely free.

        This answer can be expected only from Mr. Jignesh and after this reply, he has given be quick and good suggestions. So no doubt, he is best.
Jignesh is Super intelligent .
Jignesh is very understanding.
He has mastered the subject of data recovery, firmware repair,PCB repairs,rom updates and repairs and much more, and is fully expert in his explanations on DFL equipment.
To be honest whatever i LEARNT is from his knowledge given to me on dfl seagate and dfl wd.
I never used any other product for firmware repair except DFL.
Also thanks to Stanley Sir and his team. Very good support by them too.
Jignesh has helped me recover drives with dfl  right in the midnight and early mornings
He has never refused me any time.

I really respect him as a humble human being and i am proud that he is so well and perfect in his knowledge.
I would love to learn more from him even at my present age of 63.
Dr. Arora M P Singh.
               MD (Anesthesiology)
                 Data recovery Consultant Mumbai,India.
                     Reseller /Repairing/ Buying and selling data recovery tools
(11-25-2015, 03:48 PM)Dolphin999 Wrote: With the help of Jignesh, another user has its case resolved, thanks to Jignesh who is always willing to give real help to all users.

I also one of them ,who get tech support from Mr.Jignesh time to time. Thank you Guruji
    One of the best recovery expert and always my favorite in providing support and knowledge. Especially in terms of Knowledge, the things are at fingertips with Jignesh sir.

  As a guru, I cannot find any who is such supportive and patient in explaining the things twice. I have learnt so much in year and half, that would have not been possible by reading books, blogs, forums or self RnD.
I like his approach as the information sharing was on case to case basis which gives practical experience.

Personally I treat him as a Friend and one of our family member as he is good person and admirable. Thankyou for all your support.
Very good Jignesh,

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