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SSD module
I would like to know with the DFL engineers, deadline for SSD module, and there are already appearing many here in Brazil, and we have to have this tool, how are the development for SSD how long you can give us for this development, or if they will not To develop
Hello Friend, for SSD drives, you can use some SSD adapters for logical recovery or image, for firmware issue, we are developing the SSD addon and it will be available in September or so. Thank you very much for your concern.
Dolphin team
SSD add-on will work with DDP or SRP?
Dejan Kraljevski,
Sistrum Data Recovery
(06-29-2017, 11:10 PM)Dolphin999 Wrote: Hello Friend, para unidades SSD, você pode usar alguns adaptadores SSD para recuperação lógica ou imagem, para problemas de firmware, estamos desenvolvendo o complemento SSD e estará disponível em setembro ou assim. Muito obrigado pela sua preocupação.

Thanks, I'm waiting for the release of the FW repair module.

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