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New forum navigation
New look is OK , but I can not find link/icon for new posts.
Dejan Kraljevski,
Sistrum Data Recovery
It's at the bottom of each page, Dejan, under User Links: "Latest Post" (which really should say, "New posts."

What I would like to see available, is a link for "Active posts," which would list all recent posts, in reverse chronological order, i.e., most recent post first, etc. This is different than "New posts." For example, if I posted read something yesterday but can't recall the topic or sub-forum, it would be close to the top of the list. With "New posts." it would not appear at all.
Thank you for your feedback, Friends and we are updating this one these two days.
Yes Larry you are correct about "Active posts" link, it is very useful for every day reading.

Thanks Stanley for good work, few days is not a big problem.
Dejan Kraljevski,
Sistrum Data Recovery
Please check top menu friends! and we will keep adding more quick and helpful links to make everything easier to use. We are uploading new version as well and will be available in the forum too.
Very good job friend Stanley.
new look is so butiful thanks
I find the new style makes it very difficult to read the index for topics where I have read some (but not all) of the posts already, as shown below.  I haven't found a way to change that.  Also, "New Posts" and "Today's Posts" are not the same as "Active Topics" (which lists all posts in the recent week, for example, in reverse data-time sequence). It would be very helpful, I think, to have a link for Active Topics. However, I appreciate that there is only so much room for such links. Many forums have those links in a drop-down box, giving more room for multiple links without cluttering up the page.

[Image: 166wz7s.jpg]
Hello Larry, we have added the active posts on the top menu and the read index color has been changed too.
Dolphin team
Thanks, Stanley! The Active Posts is an excellent and valued addition. Unfortunately, the colours appear unchanged for me and the threads I have already visited are still barely visible. I don't know if there's a colours/theme that renders them differently, or if anyone but me has this problem.

Thanks again!

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