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Notes On Handling WD Of PCB 1640 And Newer
For some old series of WD before PCB 1640, such as PCB 1552, 1590, etc, whether they are detected or not, users can enter the program to read/write the firmware.

But for PCB1640 series or newer, due to a big change in the firmware structure, users cannot handle them like the pcb series before it if the hdds are not detected.

If the hdds of PCB1640 are not detected, users must load the ATA module successfully to operate on the firmware or tracks. If not loading successfully or not loading it at all, users cannot move further on this kind of hdds.

Sometimes when the ATA module cannot be loaded or cannot be loaded successfully, this usually happens when the PCB is damaged and the microcode of sa and rom is not compatible. At this time, users need to write a donor ROM with the same family and same model and then power off the hdd and then load one ata module with the same microcode as the new rom the user writes to it.

This way usually works and after the ata module is loaded successfully, users can handle the sa and tracks now.
Good tips! Thank you for sharing!
Thank DeadHDD.

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