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2012 New Data Recovery Tools Development Plan
Tool 1: Keep regular upgrade to our DFL-WDII hdd repair tool

Based on the new features request on DFL-WDII, we will add new upgrade to this hdd repair tool and it will be the third upgrade since our release of DFL-WDII in February. If you ask us how often we are upgrading our tools, we would say it's up to clients's new features request and the value of the features.

When more and more clients select DFL-WDII hdd repair tool, when more and more people submit and agree to the new features submitted, you will see soon the new features in the next upgrade of the tool. One of the key features to be added is to support the WD 2.5" USB undetected HDD without any complicated procedures.

Tool 2: DFL-DE Launch and Upgrade

DFL-DE is our coming new data recovery tool in the end of July and it's one hardware and software complex data recovery equipment. It has unique disk imaging and powerful data recovery functions and the most important it has the beating-all friendly price. DFL-DE is one simple-to-use data recovery tool with high-speed built-in double SATA ports supporting imaging and recovery from all hdd brands and even USB drives with corresponding adapters. DFL-DE is one secured data recovery tool for all data recovery companies, hdd repair companies, IT companies, data centers of government, law enforcement agencies, education agencies, enterprises, etc.

Tool 3: DFL-ST Launch and Upgrade

Besides WD hdd repair, Seagate hdd repair is also very popular and important to our data recovery engineers. DFL-ST is the next important hdd repair hardware tool we focus on. We have mastered the latest Seagate hard drive designs and algorithms and collected many new features request from our existing clients. So this Seagate hdd firmware repair tool will come available as the most professional and advanced hdd repair tool for Seagate hard drives. It takes us about 2 or 3 months to put all our scripts and algorithms ready and finish testing this tool. That's to say, at end of October or early November, we may release this Seagate hdd firmware repair tool to the international market.

Tool 4: DFL-Samsung HDD Repair Tool

According to our data recovery tools' developing plan and our investigation into the market, DFL-Samsung is also one important tool for Samsung hdd repair. We already added many useful Samsung hdd repair and data recovery features into our 'Samsung development must-have features' table. This tool will help users to maximize their Samsung hdd repair success rate while no other tools can do the same.

Besides above data recovery tools and hdd repair tools, we have other tools in hand and we will find another time to release more information about these tools.
Dolphin team
Hello dolphin, DHL-WDII is one super Wd firmware repair tool and I hope you can release your other tools asap and I will buy them for sure.

Please add me to your newsletter list if you have.

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