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New DFL WD HDD Firmware Repair Manual is Available
Download New WD HDD Firmware Repair Manual here:

New WD HDD Firmware Repair manual layout:

Section 1: WD HDD Important Basic Knowledge P3-8
> Recognize WD HDD Label P3
> Recognize WD HDD PCB P4-5
> Recognize WD HDD Microcode P5-7
> Recognize WD HDD Series and Family P7-8

Section 2: WD Important Firmware Module Overview P8-13
Section 3: Functions, Operations, Cases Causing Permanent Data Loss P13-15
Section 4: WD HDD Power on Test Steps P15
Section 5: Set up Working Directory P16
Section 6: Confirm the HDD status by Status Registers P16-18
Section 7: How to Get Busy WD HDDs to Ready Status P18-21 
Section 8: HDD IDed or not and Repair Steps P21-27

> When the HDD is not IDed and the module list is empty, what to do? P21-27
> How to use bypass SA method P22-24
> How to use Disable 02 method P25-27

Section 9: How to Read and Write ROM-Firmware on PCB P27-29
> If ROM read fails, what to do? P27-29

Section 10: How to Backup SA-Firmware on Platters P29-37

> Backup Firmware Modules directly P29-35
> Which Firmware Modules to Backup P35
> Backup Firmware by Tracks P35
> Extract firmware modules from Tracks P36
> Backup firmware modules by SA P36-37
> Backup Single Firmware Module P37

Section 11: How to Write Firmware P38-41

> Write Firmware Modules directly P38
> Write Firmware by Tracks P39
> Write Firmware by SA P39-40
> Edit and Write Firmware Module(ID/ABA) P40-41

Section 12: How to Fix Slow Issue P41-46

> FW read/write ok-how to fix P41-42
> FW read/write failure-how to fix P42-46

Section 13: How to Boot the HDD by Head 1 P46-47
Section 14: How to Fix Firmware issue with bad Sectors in SA P47-53
Section 15: How to Regenerate Original ROM P53
Section 16: How to Transfer Head adaptive data from Donor HDD to Data HDD P54-55
Section 17: How to Edit HDD ID P56-57
Section 18: How to Reset Smart P57-58
Section 19: How to Remove ATA Password P58
Section 20: How to Deal with WD SED HDD Firmware Issue P58
Section 21: How to Deal with Smartware Locked HDDs P58-59
Dolphin team
Thank you so much for your big efforts, just downloaded and have an overview, very good job and manuals, will go into details asap! We have been using the DFL tools for over 4 years with good success, keep it up. Btw, when can we expect other new manuals for other hdd brands, lol?
Hello friend, thank you for your feedback and we are working on other new manuals too and we will release asap once completed. We have completed many new software functions and will release new software soon too. Please keep an eye on our news section.
Dolphin team

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