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Seagate LM Partial Sector Access Fix
Partial sector access is one very common failure in Seagate F3 hard drives and this problem can be fixed by many tools.
But Partial sector access for LM is very difficult and people don't have the solutions to fix it automatically when users don't have backup of original SYS28 and SYS35.

With DFL tools, users can easily read/write the sys files and all users can backup the original SYS 1b, SYS28 and SYS35 and then can avoid most partial sector access problems by writing SYS35 or SYS28 back.

However, when many users receive the Seagate LM hdds, some other people already use M commands to regenerate the translator and no backup of any module or for few cases, even after users write the 35 or 1b back, it is still partial sector access problem.

Now Dolphin team have tested and manually fixed this kind of difficult cases and going to add to DFL tools in near future, however, this takes time. If users have this kind of case, users can send the case to Dolphin head office and our engineers can do it manually for you at affordable cost.
thanks sir update information and plz give the solution as possible as earlier u can.
Thanks DFL Team....
Hi Stanley, what are the typical symptoms of Partial Sector Access? I have ST1000LM035 which identifies perfectly but shows all red blocks when running a surface scan.
Hi Stanley, I have this problem too (all red blocks). Some news ?
(07-14-2018, 12:15 AM)NucleoBR Wrote: Hi Stanley, I have this problem too (all red blocks). Some news ?

if all red blocks, it is not partial sector access problem, you can consider single head damage, translator damage.
Dolphin team

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