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DFL All In One V1.7 Software Upgrade Available
For users' better data recovery and hdd repair success rate, cheers!

Friends, Dolphin team has completed and uploaded the latest software upgrade for DFL All in one, the new DFL all in one setup program will contain also the DFL WD auto program too, that's to say, from DFL all in one V1.7, all DFL tools will use the same set up program and get all programs in the same installation folder (anyway, only modules users have bought will work)

What are new in this all in one V1.7?

DFLDE V1.700

1. Added Hitachi Auto Virtual Translator in imaging settings.
2. Added Toshiba Auto Virtual Translator in imaging settings.
3. Added Seagate F3 physical head editing in RAM in image settings;
4. Fixed Hex Edit window slider bar bug;
5, New convenient selective head image design to make it work more easily and efficiently.

DFLWD V2.728

1. Added read/write modules in RAM.
2. Added start/stop motor for new models and two new ways to reset.
3. Added new families identification.
4. Added new way to get SPT.
5. Added WD factory USB key recovery function for Decrypting WD USB drives with USB PCB;
6. Added ID Edit in RAM and other properties.
7. Added new families support.
8. Added slow fix in RAM. 
9. Added “initialize 02 function” 
10. Added “initialize 40”
11. Added “import modules dir and load to RAM auto”
12. Added “empty IBI logs”
13. Added “load 31 to RAM”;
14, Users can delete modules, change modules' length, etc, many helpful hdd repair functions.

1. method to initialize selftest.
2. modules dir algorithm
3. SA writing method, modified 64 sectors to 1024 sectors.
4. modules read, can choose to ignore error when reading modules.
5. ROM and ROM modules algorithm.
6. some families selftest parameters.
7. load 01 module to 0B 
8. fixed load 80 bug

Interface modification:
1. Added toolbar quick click
2. Modified selftest monitoring interface.
3. Modified read/write modules interface.
4. Added “clear SMART”
5. Added “format with p list”


1. REMBRNDT, TRAILXLB, TRES1XLB, ArrowHDD, DF1M, etc support.
2. Added selftest steps 
3. Modified selftest parameters for some families.
4. Modified selftest procedures.
5. Added “stop SF when fw package is written". This one is for recovery purpose to repair all firmware failures only if users get original key data recovery modules.

1. modified selftest interface.

DFLFT V1.300

1: Added scan to add to defect list


1. Adjust stability and improve interface.
2. Fixed bug that SYS edit can freeze machine.
3. Support more ROMs read and write.


Fixed support issue for 7250A9 models.

DFLSS V1.330

Improved ROM read/write.

Dolphin team have worked out more new data recovery solutions we will add to newer version soon and release to all Dolphin users.
Thanks, DFL Team!
Thanks very much team
Many thanks, success
thank you very much
thank you
very good job

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