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Online Data Recovery Training For DFL-WDII and DFL-DE
Hello friends,

We're preparing online training courses for DFl-WDII and DFL-DE and if you're interested in attending it, you can please email to

This training course is kind of advanced but free training on our tools and we are always trying to help our clients to achieve the best result with our data recovery tools.

You can read full news here:

Best regards
What's the date?

Very good to all of us,
I just discussed with our engineers and we plan to have the training on next Saturday or so.

We will release the details in the coming days. Thank you for your caring.
If not possible to attend, can you share a video?
Yes, Of course

By the way, do you guys recommend any online teaching platform for international clients?

Besides, we are thinking about the time:

8PM, UTC/GMT +8 hours, Next Saturday, is this a good time for all of us?
Because we work hard in upgrading our tools and therefore, we are using our own weekend time to offer the training course.

We would like to listen to your suggestions.
I would love to attend the training when you do it.
I you can do it a little bit earlier it would be great, maybe 6PM or
(10-17-2012, 06:29 PM)odedshankar Wrote: I would love to attend the training when you do it.
I you can do it a little bit earlier it would be great, maybe 6PM or

So, about 16h PM UTC?
Yes, UTC 6pm around is good.

GOD BLESS YOU and all staff members,

i love dfl-wd
I Love DFl-Wd
( not cut and pasted)

I want to learn each and every thing about DFL-WD,

at any time, and i request to all member, ask the time to dfl management,
and please do not advice the timing,

i am in pakistan,

Hello everyone,

Our engineers have decided the dates and time for the coming training:

8PM, UTC/GMT +8 hours, This Saturday, October 27, 2012, China Standard Time.
Our engineers are very busy in the working days and day time and therefore, we can spare some time to meet our clients and answer some questions and explain some technologies too.

All clients are welcome to attend this meeting and discuss our tools together.

Best regards
Dolphin team
I would love to attend.
What will be the method? do you have on-line system for training?
Online video method by Wiziq and will send each user the link of class to use after our testing.
Dolphin team

8PM in China, plus 8hours to Europe, it will be a 4AM here... Right??

Can't do it ....SadSad
I am free for anytime/everytime for DFL
Hello friend, thank you very much for your reply and passion:

In Europe, it's about the noon time and European clients can attend it definitely.
Dolphin team

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