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Dolphin Auto Registration System Is Coming
Hello Dolphin users,

Besides the current secured offline registration method, Dolphin team are launching the auto registration system next week.

With the auto registration system, users can complete the product activation by themselves.

Users just need to connect the tools, install the software, generate the reg registration file and then email to our specified email address with the subject name-"Register" and within 3 minutes, users will get one email with dat activation file as attachment, the email is like below:

Dear XXX,

Thanks for your registration. Enclosed is the dat/key activation file.

Here are the modules registered:


Best Regards!

DFL Team

Dolphin team are all the time working hard to make all our services and tools better and better for users's greater success.

New register email is
Dolphin team
Hi Stanley, good move. Does the returned DAT file apply to all owned DFL devices, or just the one used to generate the request? It would be good if there were only one DAT file for all owned DFL products, since all the DAT files I've received have the same filename, IIRC.
Hello Larry, one hardware, one dat, you can name the dat differently based on the hardware you owned, larry-ddp-2016-07-04.dat, like this and then it will be very clear. We are working hard on more new things.

By the way, the new auto registration system is already working and new users can now use it.
Thanks Stanley. Since the program that generates the Reg file knows the "hardware" name (or is it "software name, because the FRP may be licensed only for one or just a few drive makes), it would seem possible to incorporate that name into the reg file and the returned DAT file, making it perfectly clear what the license is for. No more guessing. Of course there are more urgent things to do than that; it's just a suggestion. Smile
Yes Larry, thank you for your suggestion, this one is possible and we will consider adding this one.
Nice Dolphin and their team.

Future is in your hands .All the best to you and your team
The specific email should be:
Or am I wrong?

I only get a mail delivery failure but of course no reg file.

Best Regards,
(09-25-2018, 12:37 AM)Roberto Wrote: The specific email should be:
Or am I wrong?

I only get a mail delivery failure but of course no reg file.

Best Regards,

No Now you need to send email to

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