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New DFL Seagate Firmware Repair Version 1.662 Is Now Available
Dolphin Data Lab is releasing the new DFL Seagate hard drive firmware repair version 1.662, Dolphin users can download it for free from the DFL Seagate user-only forum.

Within this new version 1.662, users get the following new features:

1. Improved 7200.11 NG list algorithm.
2. Added ST F3 PSF backup/clearing/edit
3 Added DWF common failure fast soluton-one click to fix;
3. Added P list/TA list/NG list backup.
4.  Added NG list to P list
5. Added PSF to P list
6. Added RSL list
7.  Added RSL to P list
8. Modified Temprature change interface in the “Edit Zone HT” function.
9. Modified  ROM Edit interface
9. Added Serpent Width and ROM mdoules ID in ROM EDIT
10. Added Depop head function for CC49 4 heads disks
11. Fixed Plist show failure for 5400.6/7200.11
12 Added Track test for 7200.11/12
13. Added F3 decryption for more models.
14. Improved Deivce Stability
15 Added P list defective head definition
Dolphin team
New version: 1.663

Changes and new:

1.Add to delete Plist defects according to error codes and further improve this function of editing plist;
2.Import External NG list is added;
3.Head capacity display has been improved;
4.Improve head capacity counting bug;
5.ROM editing has been improved and support more families;
6.PSF defect list defect count display has been fixed;
7.SYS editing and external SYS import are improved;
8.Head and PYL selection for zone tables are added;
Dolphin team
great job, link please thank you
DFL Team has been hard at work again. Yes, link please.
Good Work
Good work guys, don't you ever stop to rest..!

Send me the Link please.
Thanks to DFL team...
very nice.
Thank you friends, new version has been PMed to you on request.
Getting better and better! Send me the link please. Thanks!
(04-15-2016, 10:02 AM)VSE Wrote: Getting better and better! Send me the link please. Thanks!

please send me link please.
Thanks DFL team,
Please send me the link.
Please check your PM, friends, thank you, we will release the final version in the coming week with other new too.
where is the link freind ?
Many thanks & My best Regards


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