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DFL Control Panel To Use All Programs Easily
Different users have different data recovery needs. Dolphin has users of DFL-SRP for Seagate, SRP for WD, SRP for Hitachi/IBM, SRP for Samsung, SRP for Toshiba/Fujitsu, SRP for firmware repair for all hdd brands, SRP for data extraction for firmware brands, most users have bought SRP all ine one including all above and users need to install software for each hdd brand and not so convenient and efficient. This is why Dolphin team has decided to release the DFL control panel and all-in-one setup program.

Read full news here:
Dolphin team

And where's the setup file?
hello Nuno, I have PM you the download link.
Dolphin team
(04-17-2015, 09:46 PM)Dolphin999 Wrote: hello Nuno, I have PM you the download link.

Please for me too
Got it, installed it and getting used to it ehehehhe
I assume this is just for the SRP, not the FRP with various vendor modules? Is a similar control panel for the FRP envisioned?

I don't see any benefit to swapping my FRP + DDP for an SRT but maybe there are some I haven't thought of. With SRP, a hardware failure would leave me with neither DDP or FRP whereas with separate units, I would be only partially disabled. Am I missing something?
hello friend, the DFL control panel can be used for frp, ddo, srp.

To use SRP, the biggest benefit is that it combines all programs into one hardware, different cases can be fixed in the same hardware without hardware swap, for some special cases,  once you get the drive repaired and you cannot power it off and you need to use the disk imaging or file extraction program on the same hardware to complete the case. For example, for some F3 hard drives, you need to clear ng and view ng to make sure no entries in ng and then regenerate translator, after the translator is regenerated, you need then image the drive directly or extract the files directly, otherwise, it goes back to original status without full access to data area.

Besides, it's easy to manage only hardware with two sata ports and one ide port for data recovery.
please post the report feedback who has used this control panel.....

and where is the link download...?
Many thanks & My best Regards

Are they going to release the control panel soon or is it still beta? Where or when can we download?
i want the set up fie plz
Hello Friend, if you are using single DFL program, you don't need the control panel, but if you want to use the control panel, it's ok too and you can download from the DFL-SRP forum section here:
Hello, can you send me the link to download cPanel?. Thanks
Hello Friend, here it is:
My SRP no longer shows in Control Panel. How do i get it back working again?
(07-14-2017, 03:59 PM)DRA Wrote: My SRP no longer shows in Control Panel. How do i get it back working again?

Fixed it. Switched my USB cables between URE and SRP and now it works.

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