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DDP-DE V1.504 Available For Test
Hello Friends,

Dolphin team has created the new version for both DE and DDP-V1.504.

Within this version, we have made the following changes:

1, Add more Samsung drives to be supported for selective head image;
2, Optimize the Hitachi virtual translator function;
3, Fix the bug of image interruption;
4, Add the support to heads up to 16;
5, USB drives' support is optimized;
6, Independent channel tech is now used;
7, Set Max LBA for all hdd brands is added;

Within the further newer version, we will make the program more and more wonderful to use.

let me know if your are interested in a test on this new beta version.
Dolphin team
Thanks, Stanley. I would be happy to test it.

I am interested, please share me!
Greeting, I would love also this new version, thanks.
Thanks very much DFL Team, Iwoul like to try it. Please send me the link.

I'm in for testing.
Dejan Kraljevski,
Sistrum Data Recovery
thank you very much, plz send it to me
Hi Stanley,

I'm interested in testing for you.

Hi Stanley,

I would very much like to test the new version.


CBL Data Recovery
Thank you friends for your support to us, download links have been PMed to you and we are releasing the final version soon.
Dolphin team
(02-10-2015, 03:13 PM)Dolphin999 Wrote: Thank you friends for your support to us, download links have been PMed to you and we are releasing the final version soon.

no thing sent for me please resend it to me
thank you
Hi Stanley, yet was not sent to me already I have a Hard Disk to test Set Max LBA for all brands hdd is added, please send me thank you.
Destination Power ON and OFF buttons don't work. After image is finish and I close the window, only red button form SATA0 is working, for destination drive on SATA1 two buttons on side are grey, can not turn off destination drive.
Dejan Kraljevski,
Sistrum Data Recovery
Please send me....
Please send 1.505 the newest.

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