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Dolphin Data Lab Is Releasing New Version Of DDP And DE
Dolphin Data Lab is going to release the new versions of DFL-DDP and DFL-DE and users can read full details and new features here:
good news plz send to me beta version

I hope that you add remove pass and fix nvram for hitachi
One pass strait imaging without revers reading will be fine.
First pass should be reading forward and skip bad sectors and errors and then 2nd pass can be revers reading.
Dejan Kraljevski,
Sistrum Data Recovery
I totally agree with hipo.
We need the ability to disable the reverse read in first pass.
Even a tick box that says something like "on bad sectors do not apply reverse attempt". That way we can do a fast first pass to extract only the good sectors.

Another bug/problem that i noticed today and is critical is handling the bitmap of a DDP project.
I have been working on a drive with many bad sectors for 5 days of imaging. Today while i am still in the project i enabled imaging by heads and it cleared the whole bitmap - very very problematic.
All the bitmap from the last 5 days was gone and i don't have the ability to try and retrieve the bad sectors which i left for the end unless i redo it all over again. While we are in the same project environment you should never clear the bitmap unless the user asked it and you should provide a warning msgbox before approving something like that.
It was very frustrating today as the client wait fro his data and i need to redo it all again.
In the same project space i don't see a reason why we can not move between imaging by heads to regular imaging on the same bitmap with the same info.


Please send to me beta version!

Henrique Perenne.
Hi friend,
Thanks for you suggestion.We are trying to fix the "Clear Map" problem and add disable reverse read option.
Great to see one of our developing engineer-Mr. wu to answer the questions and then people can be more sure we are really concerned all clients' feedback. As for the bitmap issue, the full disk imaging and selective head imaging, hm,, we will see to get them in the same boat for the same purpose. Thank you again for your support to Dolphin Data Lab.
Thx guys, appreciate your support and listening.
Just one more note in regards to the bitmap clearing.
I believe that in any case that bitmap is about the clear the user should be asked about it in a message box. This action should be protected as it can ruin days or weeks of work accident[/u]aly.
The program had different ideas to cope with the bitmap issue, it would think the full image and selective head image were different projects and therefore, that bitmap issue was there, in the new version we will release these days, the bitmap issue will be fixed for your said situation. Thank you very much, friends for your suggestions.
thanks Stanley, much appreciated.
Good News friends, we have fixed the suggested two things:

Now users can enable or disable the auto reverse read each pass and users can set it freely;
If selective head image is started, it won't overwrite the existing bitmap any more.

We are testing the final version and let you know.
Thanks Stanley, this is best support.
Dejan Kraljevski,
Sistrum Data Recovery
great stuff.
I assume you will change it also for the URE as it is similar code?
DE, URE, DDP have been updated at the same time.

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