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Upgrade Your DFL-URE To The Latest Now
Hello to DFL-URE users,

Dolphin Data Lab has just come back from Holidays and now we are upgrading DFL-URE to the latest version 1.71.

Within the new version, we have greatly optimized the URE drivers and interface software codes so that the program is much more stable and compatible with different USB3.0 controllers.

With our own optimized drivers, DFL-URE becomes faster to recognize faulty USB hard drives and extract the data more smoothly.

Besides, we have optimized the hardware firmware too, users please contact us by and we will help to upgrade the firmware online and then upgrade the URE to the latest version.

Within 2014, Dolphin Data Lab will make all users more successful and proud to stay with us.

Best regards
Dolphin's team
Dolphin team

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