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To All Data Recovery Engineers: Pls Watch Your Health
Hello to all engineers,

Within our data recovery field, we all have some common pains and sufferings sitting most of the day time and even night time before the computers fixing different kind of cases, when this becomes our every-day life, we find our health is being eaten day by day and therefore I hope all of you can take care of your health and arrange your time wisely.

I recently talked with some engineers from Mexico, France, USA, Australia, Brazil and found they almost work each day and have over 14 hours' working which is amazingly hard-working but I feel hurt to see them work like this way and worried about their health.

I read some tips from internet today and share with everyone:

"1. The thigh and ground parallel. Will the high chair, make ham and ground parallel, to reduce muscles, tendons and bones of pressure, prevent muscle bone disease; Choose chair, put in the waist a rolled up the towel or tear them; Hands, wrists, and forearms in a straight line, make the forearm on my desk at right angles, the elbow when; The head and body in straight line, slightly forward; Elbows should be close to the body, bending 90-120 degrees advisable; Shoulders relax, upper arm natural fall; Feet flat on the floor; Add a cushion to chair the best.

2. Often move. The Mayo clinic research found that the New Era Hats body to the same posture can bear the time limit for 20 minutes, after will produce discomfort. Suggest every 15 minutes, stand up, stretching or walk around, at least 30 seconds should change a sitting position.

3. To reduce repeated action. Repetitive movements will inevitably lead to fatigue and pressure. Telephone calls and such common objects should be held in the arm range; Can change to use the computer mouse left and right.

4. And keep healthy distance computer screen. Right in front of a computer screen should be located in at least 50 centimeters, screen should be highly slightly below the eyes height. The screen should not is to window, lest reflect light.

5. Often overlook and blinks. In order to prevent NBA hats dry eyes and fatigue, eyes focal length should be often change, looking across a distance and often the blink of an eye, can help to keep moist eyes.

6. Keep the keyboard and other office supplies clean. The keyboard and telephone and other office equipment bacteria-infested. Desk hidden bacteria or even more than the toilet seat, long hours in the nearby, respiratory will hurt.

7. Finishing messy desk. Desk sundry much will make man apt to lose his temper, irritable.

8. Breathing exercises. Take a deep breath, when abdomen summon up, breathless 3 seconds later expiratory, can alleviate fatigue.

9. Put a few a photo of your family. Put of family and friends or a photo, a miniascape, favorite posters, oil painting, and happy memory souvenirs, can let your mood relax."

Well, I have my own tips too:

1, I like enjoying some light music during the work, just when I feel tired or when I work for over 3 hours continually;

2, I like to imagine something good for the future and something happy for the past, have a tea and release the mind after completing one or two tasks, nothing to do, just think freely;

3, Have a walk out of the office after each meal, take some light but healthy exercises, like playing Taichi KungFu, lol, very interesting;

4, have small time to read some jokes and some funny pictures or watch videos;

5, Try your best to spend more time with your family, take them out and enjoying relaxing time together.

Well, just remember, relax your brain, release your body and take care of your family and life.

I wish happiness and health for all data recovery engineers.

Best regards
Stanley Morgan | Technical sales manager
Dolphin's Team
Nice ideas eheheh

We shouldn't be slaves of work.

very good tips and post and thanks very much for your concern in all of us! We wish all the best to dolphin data lab and dfl tools!
I like music too and recently Stanley has given some Chinese Buddhist music to me which is amazingly nice and great to health, when I feel tired and boring, some of the music helps to relax and feel calm.
Thank's for A Wisely suggestion
Many people work extremely hard for search a lot of money when he was young,
and the money is all gone for paying the doctor and hospital for searching healty when he was old.

I am 61 of age and i work from 10-30 am to almost 1am next day.
I have a compulsory break after every 3 hours for 20 minutes during which i have a relaxation mantra , which puts me in trance for 15 minutes. My brain fatigue goes away.At the end of the work at about 12-30 midnight I do a EXERCISE on tread mill for 20 minutes.... makes me tired and put s me to sleep.Next day wake up at 9 am. and back to work.
I dont know if this is ok at my age. please let me know.
Dr. Arora M P Singh.
               MD (Anesthesiology)
                 Data recovery Consultant Mumbai,India.
                     Reseller /Repairing/ Buying and selling data recovery tools
Thank You Very Much Stanley Sir.

Rightnow I am In Bed Helth Troble From 7 to 10 days cold and fever
I definatly follow the above instructions.
Generaly i work more then 12 hour a day i work very late nights too and no eating time is fixed.

but i desided to make life reguler.

Thank You Very Much Stanley sir for take care of all data recovery engineers.
thanks for thinking about it. you are realy nice person in our dfl family. proud on you sir.

Jignesh Pankhania.
To seeing the doctor in China is very expensive, not sure what's the situation like in other countries. I know in many Western countries it's free.

Anyway, if possible, I would never visit a doctor, lol. I wish all of you keep fit and then you can keep working and earning. Your family needs you and Dolphin family needs you too. You are so important to all of us.

Everyone has a different way of keeping fit, age is not the main issue affecting what exercises you have, the most important is that the exercises are right for you, maybe not for others.
thanks Stanly for note .
of course beside your notes
i think sport will solve many problem
1 hour running will be good
I agree with friend Stanley had an encephalitis in April I spent almost two months in hospital, I'm still recovering to this day I try to take life but calm as possible, and it does not work we have to take care of us too
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