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(DOS) Read Unrecoverable Error
Drive gets BUSY after any access, even after ID. Both N1 and m0 work but do not help.

The drive starts OK, gets ready, then starts throwing UNC errors as can be seen in the attached log.

To get the prompt again I have to wait until it unstucks.

Any access to the drive via ATA asserts BUSY and a series of UNC errors like above occurs. After about a minute the drive clears BUSY but keeps DRQ and only soft reset can get it out of this state. But then it starts repeating the same errors.

All traditional commands like N0, m0 and F work but do not change anything. I haven’t tried sending the ATA command to disable the reallocation yet so it might or might not work.

Hello friend,

You need to use COM port command mode of DFL-DE if you have to repair this common hdd failure of Seagate 7200.12. Above screenshot is where the function is on DFL-DE.

You need to set the baud rate as 38400 and use this function. Please follow our DFL-DE manual on the steps for common hdd repairing.

Keep us updated if above info helps, thank you for your questions.

Dolphin team

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