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DFL-DDP and DFL-DE Important Upgrades
Dolphin Data Lab is now releasing new version of of the top-rated USB3.0 data recovery equipment-DFL-DDP USB3.0 data recovery tool.

A lot of powerful and useful data recovery features have been added and the software codes, interface codes and hardware controlling codes have been tremendously improved to handle faulty hard drives for maximizing users’ success rate.

The latest version of DFL-DDP USB3.0: Version 1.5

The following are the main features and changes:
1, Support team has re-defined the version number of both DFL-DE and DFL-DDP uniformly to be the new version number-Version 1.5 and the future new versions of DFL-DE and DDP will be kept the same;
2, Integrate the Disk image New Task and File Extraction New Task, users are able to view and edit the task the info by the program;
3, Integrate the Disk image interface and File extraction interface, users can easily switch between the two;
4, Power control button is added within the logical scan interface;
5, Hitachi hard drive selective head image is fully optimized and different Hitachi drives are fully supported now;

Read full details here:
Dolphin team
It's an tremendous update. Please send me the app... Can't wait anymore to check this one.
Wow, DFL Team has been very busy! Excellent job. I'm looking forward to receiving a download link. Will an updated user manual be available soon?
great job thank you very much
SKYPE: pcdiag
Thanks DFL team. It is a great upgrade.
Please send me the link. Thanks.
!!!!! WOW !!!!! Waiting For link.....
Hello friends, thank you for your feedback, we are just testing the new versions which require firmware upgrade of the hardware and cannot be downgraded this time, because it's almost new design and a lot of codes have been rewritten for better performance. We are uploading the program and the link will be available soon.
Congratulations Team Dolphin...its a great new year gift for us ....thanks you very much ..we all were expecting some thing great from DFL for new year. and you guys did not disappointed us like always ..thanks again.

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