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Congratulations On Jignesh's Wedding
Dolphin Team received the invitation card from our Indian reseller-Jignesh of Smart Computech to attend their wedding and I am representing the whole team to say congratulations and send our best wishes on the same of the wedding days!

It's very beautiful card designed sharing with the forum friends:


On the special day of your wedding, wishing you happiness and love
like the unending circle of your wedding ring.

Thank you, Jignesh for all you have done for Dolphin Team!

The Indian reseller will come back to work from June 1st and during his honeymoon holiday, Indian users can come to us for further support and post in this forum for support.
Dolphin team
Congratulations Jignesh. All the best!
Congratulation my friend. All the best.
Dejan Kraljevski,
Sistrum Data Recovery
Congratulations Mate, eternal years of happiness :-)
Congratulations Jignesh
Congratulations Jignesh. All the best!
congratulations my dear brother
that's very good news happy wedding Jignesh , my regards
Dear Jignesh,

Congratulations and all the best
Congratulations Jignesh and all the best

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